LFEX is delighted to announce the launch of LFEX MobileTrader on Andriod

John Ersser - The London Fish Exchange

Published: 24th June 2020

This Article was Written by: John Ersser


LFEX is delighted to announce the release of LFEX MobileTrader for Android. The solution has been designed and built by LFEX in conjunction with feedback from users who also require access to the platform on-the-go.

The new fully approved service is available from the Play Store, and users can find the new APP by searching for ‘LFEX Mobile’. Users can then install the App in the normal way. To access the platform users can conveniently login with their existing (LFEX WebTrader password) Username and Password.

The new service is fully functional and feature rich. It follows the existing design principles, features and functionality of the existing LFEX WebTrader, bringing both familiarity and also ease of use.

It means that users can leave their desks and jump into meetings knowing that they are still connected to their customers or counterparties, can carry on secure chat, access or publish prices or orders, or execute trades, all from their Android phone.

Better still, users need never miss an order or offer, and with LFEX notifications system, users are alerted to any new developments on their account, which can then be immediately accessed on their phone. All activity is simultaneously available on the LFEX WebTrader the next time they login. Whether at lunch, travelling or at home in the evening LFEX MobileTrader keeps users completely up to date with their business.

Management can also access the platform, monitor prices, orders and trades for their own organisation day and night. Want to know what prices you are making to your top customers at 7.30 in the evening, who made the price in your organization and when they did it, it’s all available on the mobile (and LFEX WebTrader of course). Want to check Asian business overnight, or US orders, they are all accessible.

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We fundamentally believe in the use and adoption of mobile technologies and know that in some markets the mobile solution may become the primary access device for users. The service is available 24 x 7, meaning users can check prices and live FX rates, chat, request quotes, negotiate and trade anywhere, anytime. This is a world first for this industry and we are very proud of the work and development that has gone into making this a reality.

The MobileTrader connects securely to the core LFEX trading system, giving you the same access to information and data as the LFEX WebTrader application. Access can be swapped seamlessly between the two applications. This means any on-going chats, orders, trade histories etc are all immediately viewable whenever and wherever you want them.

The LFEX MobileTrader is free to access for registered users of LFEX, and we look forward to rolling out this service for the added benefit of members of the LFEX community.

About London Fish Exchange (LFEX)

Based in London and independent, LFEX Trading Platform has been released to a number of counterparties and trading has commenced in Atlantic Salmon.

Our core team have been at the forefront of the evolution of electronic trading in financial markets, having managed the rollout of the first real-time electronic equities platform in Europe in 1996 and the world’s first real-time internet based FX platform in 1998.

LFEX is supported by a range of companies through investment, support and services including exporters, processors, farmers, leading industry news providers, currency and payments, technology partners, financial brokerage firms as well as legal, infrastructure and operational partners and logistics companies, and a global network of relationships stretching from the US, Europe and Asia.

We welcome global participants in the European farmed Atlantic Salmon market to register with us and start trading. In addition, we welcome fish and crustacean farmers, exporters, producers, fisheries, processors, buyers and related market participants and other interested parties to register with us.

We look forward to engaging and working with you as we rollout additional species and products on the platform.

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