The London Fish Exchange (LFEX Ltd) is a single centralised venue for global participants trading in aquaculture, fisheries and related products.

Starting with farmed Atlantic Salmon with other fish species and crustaceans soon to follow, LFEX enables farmers, producers, exporters, traders, processors and buyers to connect, market, transact, communicate and distribute their products, in an independent, secure, transparent, trusted and controlled environment.

To date there is no global aquaculture exchange or seafood market, no trusted electronic price discovery mechanisms and no focal point for the industry. LFEX is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in fisheries and aquaculture trading.

A Changing World

The changing dynamics of fish supply, with farmed fish production now a $150bln growth industry producing nearly 50% of all seafood for human consumption, LFEX recognises the challenges for marketing, distribution and transactions at scale on a global basis, for both sellers and buyers of aquaculture and for traditional fisheries species.

By linking the physical and digital (electronic) worlds LFEX offers users accessibility, distribution, efficiency, management and control, driving economic value to participants in this high growth industry.

Our vision is to become the industry standard for sourcing prices and transactions in this global market.

“Today I have seen the future of the industry”    Major European Buyer