Industry is changing for buyers and sellers of aquaculture and fisheries products.

LFEX recognises the challenges for marketing, distribution and trading for both sellers and buyers of aquaculture and for traditional fisheries species on a global scale.

Our core team have been at the forefront of the evolution of electronic (digitisation of) trading in financial markets, having managed the rollout of the first real-time electronic equities platform in Europe and the world’s first real-time internet based FX platform in 1998.

LFEX is supported by a range of companies through investment, support and services including exporters, processors, farmers, news providers, currency and payments, technology partners, brokerage firms as well as legal, infrastructure and operational partners and logistics companies, and a global network of relationships stretching from the US, Europe and Asia.

Based in London and independent, LFEX Trading Platform was launched in January 2020. The platform was released to an initial group of both sell side and buy side counterparties and active trading has commenced in farmed European Atlantic Salmon. LFEX is in the process of rolling out this product globally in partnership with the growing list of members of LFEX, as well as adding new features and functionality and products as the business expands.

  Our Management Team