We have been building, launching and running electronic pricing and trading platforms since 1996.

We have seen industries evolve, change and develop offering improved information, access and transparency, delivering better, more efficient businesses and markets, supported by pre and post trade data and services as these markets have evolved.

LFEX spent considerable time with market participants, both buy and sell side to understand your markets. We discovered a lot similarities between fisheries/aquaculture industry and other industries, including the fundamental uncertainty around pricing – created by a data vacuum – buyers struggled to get pricing efficiently or with any confidence and sellers also struggled to both price and distribute.

The technology we have implemented fulfils the needs and requirements in a way that suits your market and the way you operate. At a basic level it allows you as a buyer to maintain the relationships you want, develop new relationships, create significant efficiencies and security in the operational process and enhance pricing competition while and at the same time respecting those relationships, quality and provenance.

How LFEX works is also simple. Buyers and Sellers become members of LFEX, and our central technology allows counterparties to connect securely and privately to each other to facilitate price discovery, communicate, negotiate, trade and then capture that data.

As a Buyer, you connect to the counterparties you want to do business with, but only you know who these are, and is entirely private. By receiving indicative quotes from these sellers (in the form that you want to see them – FCA / DDP, different currency etc) you can build a picture of the market every time you login. You can then accept one of these quotes, negotiate (based on your price knowledge) or send out an RFQ – a request for quote – detailing your specific order requirements, to one, some or all of your sellers allowing them to compete for your business.

There are no technical limitations on the number of counterparties you can be connected with, and you can use the power of the technology to negotiate with multiple counterparties at the same time.

Highlight of some features for buyers:

  • Access to live indicative prices.
  • Track prices weekly, daily, intraday.
  • Access prices from multiple farmers / exporters, at the same time.
  • Request to trade on prices provided.
  • Replicate current workflows.
  • Execute and confirm trades electronically.
  • Securely capture all order / trade histories.


  • Download trades into your own systems.
  • Request for Quote (RFQ’s) for your company’s specific requirements.
  • Receive competing RFQ responses, and negotiation functionality.
  • Secure LFEX Chat facility – instead of using multiple communications channels (WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, email, WeChat etc) all business communications can be handled and managed in a single application accessible at your desk top (LFEX Web Trader) or on your Mobile (LFEX Mobile Trader) – secure, private and in one place, 24 x 7.