The changing dynamics of fish supply, with farmed fish production now a $150+bln growth industry producing nearly 50% of all seafood for human consumption.

Our world class technology helps bring participants together to connect, market, price, negotiate and transact in a single platform.

The system forms a secure and private communications mechanism between the connected parties. Once set up, the members can log-in to the platform and publish and receive prices and offers in the products they are interested in. This means, in a simple example, that an exporter / farmer can publish prices on the available salmon he/she has to sell to customers. A salmon buyer can receive and/or request in real-time offers from the Exporter and can purchase fish on the platform.

The system is highly sophisticated and flexible with a huge range of features and functionality that can be configured for use in many ways. To extend the example above, exporters / farmers can distribute prices and offers not just to one individual counterparts, but to different selected groups of their counterparties in different geographies at the press of a single button.

The system complexity allows users to match their specific requirements and requests. It allows buyers the ability to communicate, secure offers and negotiate with multiple counterparties at the same time, securing the best terms for their own requirements.

Users gain access to the platform by signing up online to the terms and conditions (membership application form), and fees are based on a small transaction charge made to both parties with discounts for volume available.

LFEX is run in a similar manner to a professional financial markets exchange. This allows us to offer a trusted, secure, fair and transparent operating model, impartial and independent, for the benefit of the LFEX members.

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