LFEX Indicative Prices

In addition to tradable prices on the platform LFEX also provides indicative pricing for farmed Norwegian Salmon.

LFEX sources these indicative pricing from a number of Norwegian exporters on its platform. These prices are then used as the basis to calculate average market prices, which are then republished on the LFEX platform for the benefit of members.

Prices are published daily, meaning for the first time, market participants have access to current calculated prices from multiple sources during the harvest week. Not only does this allow users to access an average current market price by weight class, but also to track the current pricing trend during each week.

The LFEX indicative price service is based on ‘offer’ price indications from exporters and provided on a best efforts basis for information purposes. LFEX reserves the right to amend the basis of calculation and contributors. Interested parties should contact LFEX to register to become a member or enquire for more information.

Firm tradeable prices from multiple exporters are available on the platform in the normal way.

Users are not permitted to republish or redistribute LFEX prices.

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