LFEX European Aquaculture Snapshot to 28th October, 2021

John Ersser - The London Fish Exchange

Published: 29th October 2021

This Article was Written by: John Ersser


  Market Insight – Europe

The LFEX Norwegian Exporters price was down -5.48%, -3.22 NOK at 55.57 FCA Oslo Week 43 ending Thursday vs previous Thursday price.

The NOK weakened slightly against the Euro at 9.76 up +0.06 NOK or + 0.62% Thursday to Thursday and the Fish Pool future October fell -0.75 to 55.75 NOK or -0.89% over the same period, with November showing 60.25 down 0.5 NOK.

Prices nudged up on the Friday (58.89 vs 58.79), held for Monday (58.82), however, there was a sharp drop of over 5.35% in the two days to Wednesday down to 55.67 NOK. 3 – 6 spreads finished around 2.96 NOK.

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Did You Know?

We are delighted to announce that trading in Chilean products commenced last week.

We have been actively working with a various of sellers and buyers arranging registrations, demonstrations and training and weren’t sure who would be the first to complete the inaugural first trade! We will issue a press release with more details shortly, but for now we can tell you that this was between two well known market entities with the fish sold in the USA.


Q. I trade a range of specifications – how can you support this?

A. LFEX spent over a year working very closely with both buyers and sellers in the salmon and trout market to develop the platform to capture the different activities of all the participants in the market. As a consequence of this we are able to offer an unlimited range of possibilities and specifications for both sellers and buyers. We have completed transactions with a wide range of parameters and complexity – easily, quickly and simply – one of the great benefits of our technology.