LFEX European Aquaculture Snapshot to 23rd September, 2021

John Ersser - The London Fish Exchange

Published: 24th September 2021

This Article was Written by: John Ersser


  Market Insight – Europe

The LFEX Norwegian Exporters price was up +0.22%, + 0.11NOK at 50.63 FCA Oslo over the trading Week 38 ending Thursday.

The NOK continued to strengthen against the Euro at 10.08 down 0.05 NOK or – 0.49% Friday to Thursday and the Fish Pool future September fell – 0.35 NOK to 50.40 over the same period. The October future is showing 56.20. Average prices were overall slightly higher inter week (around 51.25 before dropping back on Thursday).

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Prices Ending 23rd September, 2021

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Did You Know?

The LFEX platform provides access to frozen products on the platform?

Any product can be specified with the choice of Frozen as a parameter including Trout and CoHo. In line with the imminent launch of live trading with our partners in Chile, the system will help support buyers in South America, USA and Canada, as well as Japan, Asia and Europe to securely connect and trade with a growing list of registered farmers in these products.


Q. I am concerned about FX – can I track it on your system?

A. We are conscious that FX can have a significant effect on the sales/purchase prices. We therefore provide real time FX rates on the system for users to look and compare rates and provide visibility of these movements. We also have calculator for you to calculate prices using the real time FX rates, ensuring that you won’t miss currency movements and what it means to your business.